Recommended Reading

It is generally thought that "new is better," and therefore there is a tendency to look for the latest in various products. But when it comes to literature, the latest is not necessarily the greatest and here are two books that, in Sandy's view, offer timeless value.

The Progress of Doctrine in the New Testament

T.D. Bernard

This book is the text of eight lectures delivered over one hundred years ago at the University of Oxford. In the lectures, Bernard unveils the Divine Hand in the construction of history's best selling book. The language of the original edition is somewhat antiquated, but its elegance is unmatched by the later editions, and the effort it takes to read it will be effort well spent.

From Mourning into Gladness

Carolyn Gilliam

One of the most perplexing issues of life is the presence of evil in the world. It is particularly vexing when the evil is senseless, and even more so when the evil has come to our doorstep.

From Mourning into Gladness is a book about the arrival of an unexpected evil, and how the grief of a family was ultimately turned from mourning into gladness. For those who have experienced great tragedy, the book's message will be like the balm of Gilead.

Both books are available from various Internet retailers.

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