Sandy Gregory is a gifted writer and speaker with an unusual ability to see patterns across disciplines and to describe those patterns in ways that bring about transformative changes in individuals and organizations.

His career began with a short and very successful stint as a Regional Lecturer for the fastest growing division of a Fortune 500 Company. Quickly promoted, he moved to the home office where he served as the Corporate Evangelist for mission-critical marketing events and wrote the company’s lead generation program for North America. Robert Huff, the President and Chief Operating Officer of the parent company, summed up the value Sandy provided when he wrote, “Sandy is a commanding public speaker and he played a key role in the success of our business.” Executive recruiters paid attention too, and Sandy would go on to serve as a Vice President of Sales and then as a Manager of Corporate Education where he personally mentored men and women who were earning over $200,000.00 a year.

In 1985, Sandy broke away from corporate life to begin a consulting practice. In that role, he lectured on four continents, rendered a considered opinion on the acquisition and management of over $6,000,000,000 in global accounts, advised executives with profit and loss responsibilities to $750,000,000 on human resource issues and, as a sideline, he developed two commercial real estate projects.

Along the way, Sandy wrote
Put Meaning in Your Dreams, a multi-media presentation that was designed to prepare graduates for the realities of the emerging world order which was presented to over 250,000 educators and students. He also served as an adjunct at two of the finest universities in Texas, and he was a recipient of The Apollo Award from the Xerox Corporation for excellence in professional education.

By 1998, Sandy’s client list had included some of the world's most prestigious corporations, and executives, managers, and salespeople evaluated his work as the gold standard by which others were measured. But that year, Sandy learned that his mother had the early symptoms of Alzheimer's Type Dementia and he left it all behind to personally care for her. Her condition was not completely debilitating, so he stayed close enough to keep watch but far enough away to give her room to maneuver. Watching and waiting, he had a lot of time on his hands so he took that opportunity to jot down a few notes, and as the months and years rolled by, he developed a chart and compass of personal, professional, and organizational development for individuals and enterprises with global interests. His current focus is the completion and rollout of that paradigm.

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