The Confluence of Incongruities

When Sandy opened his shop, he served corporations and churches, and in both, he sometimes spoke about globalization and the difficulties he believed it would produce. His voice proved to be prophetic, for this trend has brought into direct contact conflicting philosophies about how things should be understood and managed, and this confluence of incongruities has created a world that is on edge as never before.

Successfully managing our personal and corporate lives in this environment requires a deep and precise understanding of the Issues of Ultimate Concern that are the genesis of the situation and an approach to life that not only charts a path to success, but to the realization of lasting significance. That is a tall order, but that order is filled in
The Confluence of Incongruities. In about fifty minutes, Sandy compares and contrasts the most formidable systems of thought in the world, the two ways in which that are all alike, and the one way in which one of them should be, but is not, different. That reality is sobering, but it is against that backdrop that individuals and organizations can make an informed decision about the course of action they will take as they participate in this epoch of change.

The Confluence of Incongruities is about fifty minutes, and it is riveting rhetoric.

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