The Cycle of Significance

The word "significance" is derived from two Latin words: Signum, which meant "sign," and facere, which meant "to make." "To make a sign" . . . "to have an effect" . . . "to live a life that counts for something" is to live a significant life.

When people enter into the rest of faith and experience the freedom that St. Paul described in his letter to the Galatians, they awaken to the prospect of a life that is significant in the most profound sense of the word. Such a life often involves uncertainty, however, and uncertainty can sometimes be unnerving. It's a little like having a tiger by the tail, and as the great orator, Cavett Robert, said, "It's okay to have a tiger by the tail, as long as you know what to do next." That "what to do next' is the sum and substance of the lecture series titled
The Cycle of Significance.

Originally titled
Making Your Mark: God's Cycle for Building Significance, the series featured four presentations. Each lecture addressed a dimension of life that is, in and of itself, critical to our well-being, but when taken together, they described a process that inevitably leads to a significant life. To add more depth, a fifth lecture has recently been added, and so the series now includes:

1. Value - How to Build High Self-Esteem without an Inflated Ego

2. Security - How to Feel Secure in a Dangerous World

3. Image - How to Have an Image of Success without Distorting Reality

4. Motivation - How to Experience Consistent Motivation without Mind Games or Gimmicks, and

5. Productivity - How to be Highly Productive without being Highly Distressed

By using common jargon to describe theological ideas, Sandy not only makes it easier for people to understand how to live a significant life themselves, he also provides a way of explaining that life to those who might view with askance all notions of living such a life. In doing so, The Cycle of Significance becomes a force-multiplying event.

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